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Review: Gork, the Teenage Dragon by Gabe Hudson

Gork, the Teenage Dragon by Gabe Hudson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“There’s no arguing with the heart, because the heart is the highest law there is. No matter if that heart is twisted and tiny and evil, or if the heart is hideously deformed and huge and sensitive.”

Therein lies the biggest problem for Gork the Teenage Dragon. “My jumbo-sized heart is guiding my scaly ass through the madness.” You see, on Blegwethia, home planet to the dragon species, the smaller your heart, the more evil you are. And the more evil and scary a dragon you are, the more planets you will conquer, the more species you will enslave, and the more successful and famous a dragon you will be. Gork is neither evil nor scary (though his surname is Terrible, his middle name being The) and comes from a line of reputable dragons, including the insidious Dr. Terrible, his grandfather.

Despite weekly private lessons with the mad scientist Dr. Terrible, Gork is at the bottom of his class at WarWings Academy, the elite sc…

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